On its own, Pilates is a body conditioning method which focuses on the core of the body and creates a fusion of mind and body. It allows the body to move with efficiency, grace, and balance. Specialized equipment helps elongate muscles, develop strength and flexibility, all with minimal impact on the joints. This allows people of all ages and body types to participate. Pilates is very effective for both the transformation of a healthy body into a stellar physique and the rehabilitation of physical injuries. Top athletes in the NHL, MLB and NFL use pilates as part of their cross training- that is saying something!

Advanced comprehensive training in classical pilates by mentors who trained with the Pilates’ worlds greatest influencers- and we use authentic, classical Pilates equipment. The combination of high quality instruction and state of the art equipment increases the effectiveness of each Pilates session, and leads to a healthy and great feeling body in no time at all.

Positive Pilates offers a variety of programs such as group, private and semi-private mat and equipment sessions. Each session works your entire body, focusing on the core and flexing the spine in all planes of motion.  The variety of our Pilates training helps keep your health and fitness routine exciting and interesting, allowing you to visit multiple times in the week while remaining engaged.

Please consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before starting your Pilates practice if you have suffered from any major injuries or health concerns (knee surgeries, back or neck, shoulder). We are knowledgable in the protocols and contraindications for injuries and can help with your rehabilitation.

Pre and Post-Natal Pilates is an excellent way to prepare for baby and to recondition after baby is born. Also, you are welcome to bring your baby with you! I don’t offer babysitting but you can have your little one hang out in its car seat, on a play mat, and I am sure we can come up with some exercises that would have baby involved too! Private classes recommended.

Private Classes

Each private session is 55 minutes in length. You get 1 on 1 attention which allows us to focus on technique, the breakdown of specific exercises, and the time to explore personal modifications for your body that are not always available to you in a group or semi-private setting. We will utilize different pieces of equipment each session. We may do an entire Reformer class or mix a session of Chair exercises with Tower, Mat, ladder barrel, or spine corrector. The possibilities are endless. Each session is tailored to you and your goals. One day you may want a challenging work out, other days your body may want more of a therapeutic and stretching based session. I do not work on a “prescription” based approach to your body issues rather we will work to achieve your body’s full potential.

Semi Private Classes

Taught in a group of 2 people for 55 minutes. You and your partner still get great teaching attention but at a more affordable price. Each person will be on their own piece of equipment- allowing me to properly teach both students the same exercise at the same time. Just like in a private session we will use different pieces of equipment either working on one for the whole session or combining 2-3 different pieces.

Small Group Equipment Classes

Limited to a maximum of 4 people. Classes are split into two groups using 2 pieces of equipment and then switching to use the alternate piece of equipment. A great and affordable way to get on the equipment and be around a wonderful group of people.

Group Mat Classes

Pilates in it’s simplest form. Just your body and the mat with the addition of small props (magic circle, weights, foam rollers). This class ranges from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Modifications will be given for those who need them.

In Home & On Location Classes

We are also available to come to you for a private, semi-private, and group classes! This option is a great idea for a wedding, family reunion, or sports teams. In 2014 I taught the Women’s Hockey Canada Olympic team a group class at Okanagan Hockey Academy  in Penticton while they were here for training camp!

*Due to the size and weight of the studio equipment- only small props (magic circle, weights, foam rollers) are available for mobile sessions.