About Us

Alana Barker – Owner + Pilates Instructor



Pilates Training + Experience

Alana successfully completed a 710 hour, year long Classical Pilates training program in Minneapolis, MN. The training program requirements consisted of observation, personal practice, teach assisting, and teaching hours as well as 10 training seminar weekends. Alana is fully trained on all the pieces of pilates equipment at the advanced level.  Continuing education is a huge part of pilates and Alana partakes in numerous workshops and additional training courses on a regular basis. In 2019- Alana went to The Pilates Centre in Boulder, Colorado to attend the Master’s Week Workshop.

Cranial Sacral Therapy Training

Studying under Julie Gerhardt of EnCore Health + Physiotherapy, Alana has completed her Level 2 CST. CST can be booked as a separate session or added into a private. Gentle holds of the head and sacrum help rebalance your system. Jaw and mouth work can also be incorporated to help relieve the stress associated with TMJ issues.


I grew up playing soccer as a goal keeper- finishing my career with the University of Calgary Dino’s Women’s team in 2008. After experiencing neck weakness and pain from the constant diving that playing keeper requires- I started taking mat pilates. I always thought I was strong because I was an athlete but pilates showed me just how weak my core was! As I progressed through 6 weeks of classes my core became stronger and my neck pain diminished! Who knew you could pick your head up with your core and not just those neck muscles! I also started seeing the other benefits that pilates exercises gave me… My strong and bulky legs began to appear leaner and I actually could see a definition in my waist- which years and years of crunches and the like never delivered. Pilates became my excercise of choice- although I tried other programs such as barre classes, personal training, etc., I kept coming back to Pilates. While living in Minneapolis in 2011 I came across the most wonderful studio which taught pilates a bit differently than the other places I had taken it before. The studio taught Classical Pilates- the original exercises that Joseph Pilates developed. I had taken Stott pilates classes (a modified more rehabilitative style) in Alberta and Manitoba but never Classical. I was pleasantly surprised by the differences! The classes were faster paced and the teaching was top notch so I never felt lost or unsafe. I was getting a hard workout with this style of pilates. Low and behold after a year after moving back to Canada from Minneapolis, I went on a pilates and yoga retreat in Costa Rica hosted by my Minneapolis Pilates teachers and decided that I too wanted to learn how to teach this wonderful form of exercise to others and signed up for the training program 3 months later!

Our Studio

Positive Pilates Inc. is a lovely private studio, located in Trout Creek, Summerland. The benefit of a private studio means less cost for you than any other pilates studio in Penticton or the South Okanagan, small classes with constant teaching attention, no gym fees, and no strangers watching you while you exercise!

As you may have picked up from my personal history I have moved around a lot! Sometimes I’m only living in a city for a few months, or visiting for a week. I want my studio to offer you the convenience of keeping up on your workouts (whether you’re a comitted pilates practitioner or completely new to it all). I do not force you to buy a multi-pack of private instruction sessions. It is my job as a competent teacher to be able to give you a great session no matter what your experience level and having never worked together before.


The pilates equipment-reformer to mat- was designed by Joseph Pilates to challenge your body by adding resistance to the exercises with spring tension and or gravity.

All our equipment is  from the leading supplier in the pilates industry, Balanced Body. The Centerline equipment was designed by the highly respected Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segal of the world renowned Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.

We have:

1 Centerline Reformer & Tower, 1 Legacy Reformer & Tower, 2 spring boards, 3 Centerline Chairs, 1 Ladder Barrel, 6 spine correctors, 1 foot corrector, mats, magic circles, and other small props.

All the equipment is available to use during your Private and Semi-private bookings.

Group Mat Classes  will be supplemented with magic circles, hand weights, foam rollers, spine correctors and other props.